How do you know if a GUY is GAY?

One of the most controversial topics in the office, coffee shops, beauty salon, school or even in the jeepney is whether or not a guy is GAY. When someone has accepted his own personality, it’s not a problem to himself and to other people. In fact, I observed that people don’t really talked about it when someone admits that he is ONE. But when someone tries to hide is in his own APARADOR or denies that he is ONE, then chances are rumors will swirl and the whole barangay will talk about it. They say IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE. My best friend Marmon says A NINJA CAN ONLY KILL A NINJA. But how about other people, I asked a few Facebook friends of mine about how they can tell whether one is a REAL GUY or just simply GAY.

Here’s their answer based on their GAYDAR:

Jennifer Ramon Rasmussen:

if a guy likes to stare at any good looking guys and say that is gay i am sure that guy who said it is a gay. if he is well-off, then the gay one should wear non-masculine clothes but usually with famous signatured logos like burberry london. Gays also likes to use totti bags, also talks with more hand movements and also covers his mouth often.

Anna Liza Dadivas:

nowadays men are often misinterpreted with their gender bcoz of their behaviour towards people. i can only be definite if a guy is really gay if he himself honestly and proudly admits that he is a certified male gay!

Maria Lucy Muralla:

i am a psychologist. I know. I am a straight woman.But a bisexual woman, a lesbian, a gay and a bisexual man or silahis knows. Their antenna is well wired to determine their kind. Its the aura.

Jo Anne Soquena:

the flip of his fingers, the way his back arches and his butt sticks out as in posture wise he is too meticulous and conscious of his movements…he is too clean..and yeah normally very talented, creative and a certified OC…he is normally way ahead of his league….and hasn’t had a GF in the last 3 years. and oh yeah i forgot..if he hangs out more around girl barakads than he does with his sweaty basketball counterparts…for sure he’s gay.

Terri Amador:

Don’t ask me. I’ve fallen for gay guys before, so my *gaydar* must be obsolete, if not busted. Oh, but if he likes my paper blooms for himself, then he MUST be gay! ^^

Jet Beray:

If a guy stares at me 5 secs then he is gay… lol

Philip Capadosa:

If he is more gay than me… Then for sure he is gay… Hehe..

And of course the bitchiest answer comes from a good friend, Arlan Rebutar aka Allana:

if they respond to this post then he is gay! ‘coz a real guy is not interested in these topics!

As for me, you can tell if a GUY is a closeted one, if he is trying hard to be so masculine. Guys show their masculinity naturally. Even if the guy is so particular about his looks or he’s trying to do bakla-bakalaan, you can’t deny the fact that he is a real guy. But gay guys have a certain aura that is so pink. For me, the best person who can really tell if a guy is gay are the men. Gays stare differently to men. Men can read it faster than a gay or a woman could. Besides, they are the object of their desire.

There’s nothing wrong if you’re gay or not. In fact, in today’s world,  it’s not a big deal if you’re GAY as long as you admit it. In fact, men are comfortable with gays who don’t deny it. Why? Because they feel safe. They don’t feel comfortable with the closeted ones because they think they might be taken advantage of. For women, gays are the life of the party.

So for those who are still hiding under their APARADOR or in their imaginary skirts, get out the be happy coz the TRUTH will set you FREE! I’m FREE, how about YOU?

3 Responses to “How do you know if a GUY is GAY?”

  1. April 11, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    “gay guys have a certain aura that is so pink”


    I’ve had my “gay-hunting” days during college, and it was really fun. With me was a closeted gay friend and I found in him the right amount of kikayness that I could not find in girls. I love gays! Hahaha!

  2. 2 Patricia Vynchester
    April 18, 2011 at 9:18 pm

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